01 February, 2018

Minutes of 35th Land’s End - John o’ Groats Association Annual General Meeting

Held on January 27th 2018 at 10am, at the Toorak Hotel, Torquay

Present: 37 members as per the list on record.
Apologies: 10 members as shown on the list on record.


Brian Dawson, the Association Chair, welcomed everyone to the meeting including new members. He asked each person present to introduce themselves, especially new attendees. Everyone introduced themselves and 2 lists were circulated to indicate those present and any apologies.

Brian informed the meeting of the deaths of Reverend David King and Cliff Harrison who served the Association as Officers/Committee members. Representatives of the Association had been at both funerals. Tributes were paid to both for their contributions to the Association, including Cliff’s photography.
Everyone stood in memory of them and others known to us who died during 2017.

Previous Minutes:

The Minutes of the 2017 AGM Meeting were published on the Quo Vadis? blog and were taken as read. They were accepted unanimously and duly signed.


Brian reminded everyone that officers and committee members are always listed at the back of Quo Vadis? and had introduced themselves at the start of the meeting. Committee members can be co-opted to serve if needed.

Reports from The Chair, Treasurer, Quo Vadis? and Website Editor, Route Advisor, Membership Secretary, Social Secretary and Social Media Secretary were all previously distributed.
The officers gave verbal comments to explain items in their reports.

Treasurer Russell George said that Standing Orders are a much easier way of paying subscriptions. Anyone wanting to set one up, please speak to him. It has been a successful year and we are in a good state financially.
There had been a question from a member asking if subscriptions should be raised. The reason for this is that sometimes the Association may have to pay up front for hotels for the Summer Weekend This will be discussed at the Committee Meeting. Any comments to Brian please. No advance payment is required for Toorak Hotel booking and this is unlikely to change.
There were no comments or questions. Thanks were expressed to Russell.

Route Adviser Chris Hatton said that he has had fewer enquiries by phone and email than in previous years. He is still sending out route packs, which are paid for. However, with websites and blogs, the route packs are being ordered less and less. A suggestion was made that members could put the routes they use on the LEJoG website. Another suggestion was that we advertise our Association via charities. One charity group has asked for information and we are linking with them. Derek Bootyman suggested that the Association could send articles and information to cycling and walking magazines. Derek will investigate how to get contacts for these and report to Chris.
Thanks were expressed to Chris.

Social Secretary Eldon Mackridge had no comments to add to his report. Thanks were expressed to Eldon Mackridge.

Quo Vadis? and Website Editor Katharine Arzul reminded everyone that we will need a new editor as she will be stepping down at the end of the year. The website Editor can be a separate appointment. Katharine said that the Quo Vadis? job could be split into 3 parts: Asking for articles, editing, and layout and design. In reply to a question she said that about 7% of members receive it by email. The software she uses is Libre Office, but any suitable program can be used. Steve Gibbs offered to take on the job as Editor in 2019. He will work with Katharine this year to accustom himself to the job. He was thanked. Katharine was also thanked for all her work.

Membership Secretary Adrian Cole said we currently have 187 members. He has statistics for membership including age range (which is varied), regions, lapsed members, Associate Members, Full Members and Honorary Members. It has been an exciting and busy year. Thanks were given to Adrian, and Brian said that a lot of the work is unseen.

Social Media Secretary Ian Holmes was thanked for his very comprehensive first report. Ian Holmes was thanked for his time in promoting the Association online.

Chairman Brian Brian Dawson said that he had highlighted two items in his report. The Quo Vadis? Editor has been sorted out, as Steve volunteered to take over at the end of the year. The other is that the website name has changed to <lejog.org> and online search engines should pick up our details much more quickly. Brian thanked the officers and the committee for their hard work.

Election of Officers and Committee Members for 2018:

The officers and committee members had been asked if they were willing to stand for re-election. They had all responded, however Geoff De’Ath had said he would like to retire from the committee. He was thanked for his many roles over the years including the distribution of Quo Vadis?. Adrian compiles the address list, Colin prints the labels and Geoff has the magazines delivered to his home where he puts them in envelopes and posts them. He is going to continue to do this.

All other officers and committee members are willing to stand for re-election. Brian Dawson proposed and Jack Adams seconded the proposal that they all be re-elected. The proposal was accepted.

Brian vacated the Chair and handed over to Russell George for the election of Chairperson. Russell said that Brian is willing to stand for re-election. Chris Hatton proposed and Neville Tetley seconded that Brian be re-elected as chairman. This was accepted. Brian returned to the chair.

Brian told the meeting that our President Roy Walker had sent apologies as he is unwell at the moment and is currently unable to walk or drive. He sent his best wishes to everyone. There is a card for him which will be circulated at dinner tonight for everyone to sign.

Tony Bagley reminded the meeting of Geoff De’Ath's long membership in the Association and his different roles helping the Association, including 15 years as Editor of Quo Vadis?. Tony proposed that Geoff be elected as Vice President. Neville Tetley seconded this with some humorous comments. Geoff was welcomed as Vice President. He thanked everyone and said he is “flattered and honoured” to accept.

Any Other Business:

Brian told the meeting that the George family who were with us last year with two children had sent apologies this year. Jessica, who is 6 years old, has a heart defect and has had a series of operations since her birth. She was in hospital in December 2017 for a major heart operation. She was then in intensive care. The operation was a success and she is now home, but will be unable to attend school for some time while she recovers fully. There will be a card for her circulated at dinner tonight for everyone to sign
Paul Goodge asked if any members had written books about their journeys. Brian said that the two he had been given will be shown at dinner tonight. Paul said that possibly books can be used to help others plan their journeys.

Brian said that dinner would be at 7pm in the Arlington Room and suggested we meet in the bar at 6.30pm. If anyone had raffle prizes to donate, please could they take them to the Arlington Room at 4.30pm.

The meeting closed at 10.56am. Brian was thanked for chairing.

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