22 January, 2017

Route Advisor's Report for the 2017 AGM

by Chris Hatton

An Excellent Year

For the first time in several years, we had more applicants for Route Information Packs: 30 in 2016, compared to only 17 in 2015 (19 of the 30 were paid for by PayPal) I am certain that that this increase is because people can use PayPal. I expect the percentage to grow in 2017, as we only introduced the PayPal option after the year had started. The following advised me of their mode of travel:-
15 Walkers
5 Cyclists
5 Runners
1 Bus pass
1 Motor Cyclist
1 Hire Car.

Most cyclists make decisions as groups with Cycling UK or Sustrans Route Information. There are several people trying to do an organised group run/running race. WOW! ( I found it hard enough walking in 2012) The John o' Groats Trail is gradually making it oh-so-much safer for walkers between Inverness/Dingwall & JoG than on the A9. However, it will be a while yet before it is a completed, continuous, off-road walking trail. The A9 is for motor vehicles, not cyclists or walkers.

I’ve enjoyed talking to a lot of determined LEJoGers who were planning their big journey in 2016. A good plan will usually ensure a positive and enjoyable result!

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