24 January, 2017

Report of the Chair for the 2017 AGM

by Brian Dawson

2016 has been a busy year with much communication between Committee Members as we try to ensure that members (long-standing and new) are aware of how they can feel part of our unique membership. The full year of our new website address <lejog.org> and our Facebook page seems to have had a positive effect, and helped potential End-to-Enders. We intend to extend our communication efforts through Social Media, including Twitter and Instagram. To this end we have volunteers who are willing to set this up and manage it (See Item 4 on the AGM Agenda).

We have close ties with other like-minded organisations and the setting up of the John o’ Groats Trail in the Scottish Highlands will make it safer for walkers between Inverness/Dingwall and John o’ Groats rather then using the A9. Many sections have already been opened, and progress and completion will be advised so we can assist potential users.

We have had some changes in Officers and Committee Members, and I take this opportunity to pay tribute and offer grateful thanks to Jack Adams (Social Secretary) and Cliff Harrison (Committee Member) who are both stepping down after this meeting.

I also thank the Committee Officers for undertaking visits to present Trophies to those Members who were prevented from attending the Annual Celebration at Torquay. The response from the recipients has been really appreciated.

With rising costs for distribution of the Quo Vadis? we are always looking to ensure that we can keep this up. So far we have been able to achieve this and one further way to reduce costs is for those members who do not pay their Annual Subs by Standing Order to seriously think about doing so. This will be mentioned at the AGM. We have resisted the idea of increasing the annual subscription and hope that members not paying by this suggested way will consider changing to it in order to help the finances.

As ever, I urge you all to be on the lookout for people who are considering doing the journey. Your passing them to our Route Adviser/Membership Secretary would be very helpful.

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