20 January, 2017

Editor's Report for “Quo Vadis” and the Association Website, for the 2017 AGM

by Katharine Arzul 

We publish three journal editions each year, in March, July and November. I email the file directly to our printer, Allen Fleming at A.F. Litho, who delivers the printed copies to Geoff De'Ath. Colin Jones prints the address labels; Geoff De’Ath puts everything together and posts them – truly a team effort. Geoff will provide the costs of printing, envelopes and postage to the Committee.

In 2016 I redesigned our website at <lejog.org>, and in the last month it attracted 1,500 visitors, as compared to 4,700 in the whole of 2015. The site shows up first in line with a Google search for “Land’s End to John o’ Groats Association” and also appears high in the results when searching for a “club”. The blog, in which I publish stories from “Quo Vadis?” is linked from the website, so visitors can read about some of our journeys. I would be happy to hand the website over to be managed along with Social Media, as discussed by email this year. I will continue updating the blog with each edition of “Quo Vadis?” 

I’d like to give the Committee two years’ notice that I will resign as editor after the winter issue of 2018. Of course, I will be available to assist the new editor as much as I can, and would like to continue to help the Association in the future. My best wishes to the Committee and Association for a happy and successful 2017.

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