19 January, 2017

Barry Bloomfield of Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex, walked LEJoG via The Lizard and Dunnet Head in a 1.358 mile journey last year. He raised ₤3,200 for the NSPCC and Macmillan, and wrote, I was inspired 29 years ago by a tv film called ‘First and Last’ with Joss Ackland, and I resolved then to do it. It took that long to get three months free. On the Yorkshire moors I went off course and had to wild-camp due to night falling. At the very end of Dunnet Head I leant over the edge of the cliff to see puffins on the rocks for the first time in my life. There were loads of them, sitting there, and then riding the wind and floating, stationary - a fantastic view which truly lifts the soul.

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