29 January, 2017

2017 AGM Minutes

34th Annual General Meeting

28th January 2017 at 10 a.m.

Chair: Brian Dawson
Minutes: Meriel Shotton

1.Welcome and Apologies

Two lists were circulated for apologies and those in attendance. 29 people present. 5 apologies.

Brian Dawson welcomed everyone to the meeting. Each person present introduced themselves. We had new members who indicated that it was their first meeting.

Brian read out the names of those who were to be remembered who had died during 2016. These were listed on the agenda:
Oona Farrant, Antony Twort, Ken and Shirley Ascott’s son, Kath Bagley’s mother, Gerry Mannell’s wife (this name was added at the meeting by Brian.)
Everyone stood in tribute to them and to remember their families.

2. Minutes of Meeting held on 30th January 2016.

These were published in Quo Vadis? Kathryn Hough proposed and Eldon Mackridge seconded that the minutes be accepted. They were accepted unanimously by the meeting.
Brian asked for notification of any A.O.B. items. One item was given.

3. Reports

These were circulated to all at the meeting. Verbal reports were added as follows:

Treasurer Russell George gave a balance sheet and a written report. It was suggested that people read the written report first. Russell took over as treasurer in 2016. There were initial problems with the bank and with receiving bank statements. In June, there was a surplus income of £1,400 which was down on the previous year. Membership had gone down, but the sale of goods increased. The biggest expenditure is producing and posting Quo Vadis? This year shows a 29% increase in costs. We have 3 bank accounts: a current account, a savings account and a social account. The amount in all the accounts shows an increase. The stock of goods is now separate. We are in a good state financially and are controlling costs.

Credit was given to the Quo Vadis? team: Editor Katharine Arzul(who lives in South Africa), Colin Jones who produces the labels, and Geoff De’Ath who puts the magazines in envelopes and posts them. Thanks were extended to all the team. Funding for Quo Vadis? is by events such as the raffle at the presentation dinner and sale of goods, so that we do not have to increase membership fees. The treasurer encouraged people to buy goods (e.g. mugs, sweat shirts, scarves etc.) which would be on sale near Reception on Sunday morning. This is also a way of promoting the Association.
There were no questions.

Route Advisor Chris Hatton, said that there have been more people asking for information this year, and more route packs had been bought. There were no questions.

QV Editor / Web Editor Katharine Arzul produces and sends the magazine from South Africa. The website has done well. The demise of the commercial “Lejog Club” has helped. Katharine will stand down as editor and hand over to someone else in 2019. Anyone interested, please speak to Brian Dawson. No questions.

Social Secretary Jack Adams said he has some books by Charlie Hankins who had done LEJOG in a wheelchair. He was an ex-military man who had no legs. Jack recommended the books and said he would be selling them if anyone wanted one. More information was given about Charlie Hankins by a Geoff De'Ath who attended his funeral. No questions.

Membership Secretary Adrian Cole was not present and sent apologies as his son, Henry, was doing his Duke of Edinburgh award this weekend and Adrian had to take him to Brecon Beacons and then collect him on Sunday. Brian gave his report. The figures for membership improved during 2016. There were 10 more first-time members than in 2015. Modes of travel were in the report which was distributed and attached to minutes. It was stressed that no way of travelling is better than others. No questions.

Chairperson Brian Dawson said that there is a new walkers’ route being established to avoid walking on the A9. The Association will be informed when it is ready. There are some changes of officers: Jack Adams is stepping down as Social Secretary. Eighteen years ago, he became Route Advisor; he was then Social Secretary and Vice Chair and Chair. Thanks were given to Jack for all his hard work and also thanks to Ann in previous years and now to Theresa for their support. Eldon Mackridge will take over from Jack as Social Secretary.

Cliff Harrison is stepping down from the committee. He has made clocks over the years to present to members on special occasions, and also sends Christmas cards with LEJOG badges etc on them and also on the envelopes, thus promoting the Association. Thanks were expressed to a “superb ambassador”. Cliff said that his support will still continue.

Subscriptions. Brian asked that everyone pays subscriptions on time, and to keep costs down we will be asking that they be paid by Standing Order in future Also we were asked to tell people about the LEJoG Association and channel any queries to Chris Hatton. No questions.

4. I.T. Team

The Committee thinks we should expand our communication channels. The present Web Editor is Katharine Arzul who is also Quo Vadis? Editor. Karen Bower and Ian Holmes have offered to work together on IT if agreed at the AGM . The Team will report to the Committee on the setting up and maintenance of Social Media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

5. Election of Officers

Brian handed over to Roy Walker for Election of Chair. Roy Walker proposed that Brian Dawson be re-elected as Chair. Chris Hatton seconded. It was agreed unanimously. Brian returned to chair the meeting.
Route Advisor Nominee Chris Hatton. Proposed by Derek Bootyman, seconded by Steve Gibbs. Agreed unanimously.
Quo Vadis? Editor Nominee Katharine Arzul. Proposed by Kathryn Hough, seconded by Geoff De’Ath. Agreed unanimously
Treasurer Nominee Russell George. Proposed by Eldon Mackridge, seconded by Anne De’Ath. Agreed unanimously.

Membership Secretary Nominee Adrian Cole. Proposed by Don Dyer, seconded by Russell George. Agreed unanimously.

Social Secretary Nominee Eldon Mackridge. Proposed by Brian Dawson, seconded by Cliff Harrison. Agreed unanimously.

6. Election of Committee Members

The present committee, Tony Bagley, Don Dyer, Geoff De’Ath, and Kathryn Hough all agreed to stand for re-election. This was agreed unanimously, as was the inclusion of Neville Tetley.

Nominee as committee member: Patrick Jordan. Proposed by Kathryn Hough, seconded by Roy Walker. Agreed unanimously

I.T. Team (NEW) (See also item 4) Nominees Karen Bower and Ian Holmes. Proposed by Russell George, seconded by Patrick Jordan. Agreed unanimously.

7. Bank Account

Change of signatories: It was suggested that Eldon Mackridge be approved as an Authorised Signatory on the Association Accounts in the place of Jack Adams. Proposed by Brian Dawson, seconded by Jack Adams. Agreed unanimously.

Chris Hatton asked if Paypal could be looked into as a means of paying, rather than cheques. This is already being used for route advice packs. It was asked if cheques could still be accepted as some people do not like paying online. Paypal will be looked into, but cheques will still be accepted. We were reminded that subscriptions were due on Jan 1st 2017.

8. A.O.B.

Steve Gibbs asked if there is any artwork available which he can use on his vehicle to promote the Association when doing his LEJOG journey. Stickers are available. Steve wanted something larger. Eldon Mackridge has a contact who does signs using LEJOG art work.. Steve will talk to Eldon about this.

Chris has had questions from someone planning to do the journey on a 100cc Monkey Bike. He is planning to do the “4 points” and wonders if it has been done on a Monkey Bike before and what is the best time achieved? Answer: It has not been done in this way before. He asked if we can recommend a time? Answer: No as we have “Duty of Care”. Can we help with route? Answer: Yes; Steve can help as he has done 4 points by another means of transport.

Brian said that the booking of next year’s Presentation Dinner has been made for the Saturday 27th January 2018. The hotel has said they could also offer 3rd Feb as they had a cancellation. It was agreed unanimously that 27th Jan 2018 is the preferred date. It was also agreed that we have a very good deal from the hotel.

Arrangements for dinner tonight: Meet in Conway bar from 6.30p.m. so that we can be seated for dinner in the Arlington Room by 7.15p.m. Some formalities will be done before dinner is served to save time, as we have 14 trophies to present. Membership cards will be on the tables for those who have paid 2017 subscriptions.

Russell George will be selling Association’s goods on Sunday morning opposite reception area and requested offers of help. Steve offered.

Brian asked if there were any questions. It was asked if the Late Summer Weekend venue had been decided? Answer: Not yet. The committee will discuss it at their meeting immediately after the A.G.M. Any suggestions are to be given to them before that.

Gifts for the raffle tonight will be welcomed. Please take them to the Arlington Room between 4 and 5p.m.

The Meeting closed at 10:58 with thanks to all for attending.

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