10 July, 2015

Welcome to New Members

Andrzej R Wdowczyk of Birmingham found our website when searching for information about the Highlands. He writes, "For 3 years I've been the owner of my beloved Boxster. I use it for commuting, although it deserves better treatment. To celebrate the 15th birthday of my car, I decided to extend my trip to my family in Forres to John o' Groats, and then go to Land's End. I had a fantastic journey and it was a great challenge for my car." Andrzej left John o' Groats at 4pm on 20 May 2015 and arrived at Land's End at 6pm on 25th May, driving a total of 963 miles. His total round trip from Birmingham, over 8 days, was 1,968 miles.

Martin Johnson, of Pulborough, West Sussex , made his end-to-end on motorcycle as part of a longer journey. His blog is and I hope to publish an article and pictures of his trip in a future issue: “In addition to the Land’s End to John o’ Groats part of my adventure, I was also able to incorporate Scotland’s newly-launched North Coast 500 Route with its awesome views and scenery, as well as completing the Royal British Legion Scotland Riders Branch “Saltire Challenge,” which requires the rider to visit the four corners and the centre of Scotland without going over the same road twice to reach the destinations, and to raise a minimum of £100 for any chosen charity (mine is Voices for Veterans). In doing this little adventure, over 8 days I covered 2,486 miles without experiencing a single problem with my motorbike, a Kawasaki 1700 Voyager Cruiser. In addition, there was never a moment when I suffered any aches, pains or numbness from being on the bike in the saddle for long periods each day. This is testament to the fact that if you have the right bike and the right clothing and equipment, you do not have to be caged up in a metal box to enjoy long journeys on the open roads.”

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