08 July, 2015

News and Appeals

Member Adam Dawson has updated the website of his 2014 LEJOG hike so it now contains all the details of his trip, which raised funds for the World Scout Jamboree. If anyone is planning a walking route, you will find it useful.

Member Blind Dave Heeley has returned from running the Marathon des Sables, and I'm looking forward to hearing about that extreme experience. Through the event, he has raised an impressive £29,819.41 for the Albion Foundation (Helping Disability Sports). In the meantime, he writes: “I have had a little proposition thrown at me! And so, am quietly working on a project, for which I need some help. Through the network of people within the Association, do you know of anyone who would own such a thing both north and south, as a rickshaw?” Please contact us if you can help.

Rosemary, Dave and Tony in the Marathon des Sables

Chris Nicoll, the Course Director of Reaper Events, is organizing an Obstacle Running End-to-End run in September. He is planning on the course covering about 50 miles per day, and contacted our Route Advisor Chris Hatton for advice. The event aims to complete 1000 miles, over 1000 obstacles, arriving at Land’s End 20 days later. It will bring together the whole Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) community across the UK by visiting OCR centres along the route. Participants can do a few miles, or a few hundred miles, and at the same time raise funds for the veteran's charity Help for Heroes. If you'd like more information, visit or if you're on Facebook, look up the outdoor OCR training centre called The Obstacle Gym in Lutterworth, Leicester to see some pictures of amazingly-muddy people having what looks like a lot of fun!

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