06 July, 2015

Fame in a Name

A Puzzle by Eddie Sedgemore

This is based loosely on word-pairing competitions that have been in past issues of Quo Vadis?, the difference being that two clues will give an Association member's surname. All answers are members mentioned in the Spring 2015 issue of Quo Vadis? I was going to have an odd name out but I don't think that would be fair to that Association member!

Winners will be announced in the next issue. Enjoy! 

a/ "A Question Of Sport" team captain 
b/ An elderly monarch 
c/ He played the part of an archaeologist in a series of films 
d/ An original member of the Rolling Stones 
e/ Judges room for hearing private cases 
f/ Sometimes controversial pop singer of the early '80s 
g/ Retired motor racing commentator 
h/ A bird, native of Australia 
i/ Third in line to succession of the British throne 
j/ Much-liked TV comedian, now deceased 
k/ "Dads Army" character 
l/ Heavy headgear 
m/ Throat fruit 
n/ A neighbourhood in Manhattan; take off the last letter 
o/ Snooker table and cue manufacturer 
p/ Canadian rock singer 
q/ Another "Dads Army" character 
r/ A brewing company 
s/ Jazz singer and pianist 
t/ A member of the Beatles 
u/ Jewellery quarter of London 
 v/ British motor car no longer in production 
w/ An American book of words 
x/ A tea manufacturer

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