11 July, 2015

Association News, Issue 87

The Association Committee has purchased a new website address: “LEJOG.org” from Iain Boyd, who used the site for fundraising during his own ride in 2008. We hope that the shorter name will make it easier to advertise ourselves, and will encourage others to display and link to our website when fundraising for their own trips. We have just completed the process of registering this new address, and will be adding the Association details there as soon as the transfer is complete. The original website remains in use and will do so for the time being. Many thanks to Brian Dawson, Jeff Chambers and others who enabled this purchase; we hope it will become a helpful acquisition to the Association in the future. 

Vice-President Peter Hume-Spry has suggested that we consider setting up a QR code for the Association, and we will be looking into creating one. If anyone has design experience with artistic QR codes, please do let me know as it would be fun to customize one to include an impression of our logo, an outline of Britain. 

The Late Summer Social weekend, organized by Jack Adams, will be at the Mercure Abbots Well Hotel in Chester, the weekend of 24th -26th September. You will see that payments need to be received by Jack by 27th July, so please do not delay if you would like to attend this enjoyable weekend. To all those making the trip, please do email me your photographs.

I am looking forward to hearing about all the new end-to-end trips happening this summer. If you read about, or hear of any, please consider asking the travellers to join the Association and give us an account of their trip. Alternatively, you could send me an email with any information you have: <quo.vadis.editor@gmail.com>.

Enjoy reading the Summer Edition of Quo Vadis?

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