01 July, 2015

A few End-to-Ends by Bus

by Katharine Arzul

End-to-end trips by public bus have been made several times over the past few years, with varying budgets, degrees of discomfort, scheduling luck, and length of travel time...

Richard Elloway, 2008

In 2008, Member Richard Elloway, from Somerset, made the journey in 1 week, six hours and 10 minutes. Not only that, but he did the return trip too, with the entire time totalling 2 weeks, 8 hours and 30 minutes. Richard used his concessionary bus pass, making the journey free of charge, and raised money for the Youth Hostel Association.

Richard Elloway, 2008 

Stephen Gibbs
Member Stephen Gibbs, of Leicester, made an extended, return, bus-pass trip in August last year, from Land's End, through John o' Groats, to Burwick in the Orkneys, and back to Land's End. The time of this trip was 13 days, catching 66 buses. Stephen was awarded the Charlie Hankins Memorial Trophy in January, and he raised £2900 for Children in Need. 

Adam Mugliston, 2014
Not (yet) a member, Adam, from Suffolk, broke the (unofficial) record for the fastest LEJOG time by public bus in June 2014. Adam was then 16 years old, and his parents dropped him off at Land's End for the adventure. He spent £170 on tickets, and took 36 buses. The trip was 4 days, 10 hours and 44 minutes, beating the previous record of James Aukett, a London Buses employee, who in 2011 took 5 days, 7 hours and 25 minutes. Adam was in Year 11, and the trip was his way of celebrating the completion of his GCSEs.

The young man has a passion for public transport: "Buses have always been my thing and I read about people trying the challenge so I thought I'd give it a go but do it quicker. I want to go to university to study transport and hopefully get work with Transport for London. I've got work experience there this summer. I'd love to work in scheduling transport. That has been an issue while planning this trip."

Our membership Secretary Adrian Cole was quoted in The Telegraph saying he had not heard of anyone coming close to Adam's time before: "4 days beggars belief. His predictions on bus times must have worked out well. From my experience on the buses - and I work for a bus company - that is really quite impressive." 

Adam Mugliston, 2014.    Photograph: SWNS.com

Gertrude Leather, 1954 and 1955
Interesting for comparing today's bus costs with those of 60 years ago, Gertrude Leather made the trip via London for £6.26, worth about £160 today. She travelled by seventeen local buses from Land's End to London in 1954, at a cost of £1 19s 6d (£1.97½), and the following year travelled from London to John o' Groats by 25 local buses at a cost of £4 5s 9½d (£4.29).

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