29 March, 2015

9 Trophies Awarded & Presented for 2014

Griffin Trophy
Alan Sylvester, who raised in excess of £25,000 for Prospect House Hospice.

Shanks Pony Trophy
Adam Dawson

Alroyd Lees Cup
Richard Naylor

Charlie Hankins Memorial Trophy
Stephen Gibbs, who set up a record for the oldest person to “bus pass” the journey, and the quickest on record.

Mabel McCraken Mug
Russell George. You are encouraged to purchase Russell’s book, Footsteps in Summer.

Names were also inscribed on the following Trophies for awardees who were unable to attend the Prizegiving Weekend:

Brenroy Trophy
Phillip Brown

Tourco Trophy
Jamie Methuen

Joan Cave Memorial Trophy
John Greer

Jack Adams/ Richard Elloway Trophy
Charlie Yorke, the youngest person of the year to undertake a journey.

  Charlie, Alex and Conrad Yorke

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