01 August, 2014

New Cornish Safety Model

from Geoff De’Ath 

Cyclists desperate to improve safety on Cornwall’s main arterial road, the A30, on which two End to End cyclists died last year after collision with a lorry, are hoping to place life-sized model cyclists along the route to alert drivers of their presence. Bike Cornwall, the local cycling group, are campaigning to install the models and a spokesman for the group said that most cyclists on the dual carriageway section of the road are End to Enders who want to get through Cornwall very fast and the road often sees vehicle speeds in excess of 70 and 80mph. The spokesman added that there is no signage warning drivers about cyclists, more and more of whom were taking that route because it was the quickest way through Cornwall. He thought models would be a great way of engaging the community, and children could design signs and make it a campaign to raise awareness.

A CTC official explained that the Highways Agency would probably remove any model bikes because of the possible distraction for drivers. This is ironic, as it is to show people are not observing cyclists on the road. He added that campaigners were in talks with the council to add a cycle track along sections of the A30 as part of a road-widening scheme but were falling foul of the usual excuses. It was yet another scheme where, despite a national commitment to improve cycle safety, at a local level there were the familiar reasons for not doing so - lack of money and insufficient space and cyclists. He believed the council was not looking to the future and the CTC wanted to increase tourism, and considered that many more people would use it for commuting if it were safer to use.

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