07 August, 2014

Association News, Issue 84

Our Chairman, Brian Dawson had a hip replacement in April. After his hospital stay he graduated from having two arm crutches to one, and then dispensed with them both at the end of May. The surgeon is happy with Brian's progress but showed him the x-ray which indicates that he will have to have the other hip replaced within a 6 to 9 month period! We wish Brian all the best; happily he is back on his feet and (carefully) getting some gardening done.

Jack Adams has very kindly volunteered to take the position of Social Secretary, and Chris Hatton has offered to take over his role as Route Advisor. Jack writes, Chris has a wealth of knowledge of walking routes, which I have always found to be the most difficult to plan, and he will be a great asset to the Association. Thank you to both Jack and Chris for volunteering their time, and helping prospective members.

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