01 March, 2014

Views from an unaffiliated observer -Or- Observations from an unaffiliated viewer

by Anon.

Having been brought up on a diet of American television and films; I was drawn to the Toorak Hotel in Torquay in late January by friends who had hinted to me that there was to be a confabulation between a Mr T and Darth Vader.

Readers of this who also attended that weekend of 25th will by now realize I may have been somewhat misled!  This became abundantly clear when I found Mr T was actually spelled Mr Tea and, far from sporting copious amounts of gold jewellery, he had on show only one small tie pin (which some wag had said was to cover a bean stain)!  As for Darth Vader, well   …….    this was, of course, a non-metallic voiced but very pleasantly spoken Mr De’ath.

However, skirmishes were to be observed, but the gentle good humour (no weapons visible) of these two, and many others who sparred, was a delight to observe; as was the very friendly nature of all those present who took both the time and interest to be most convivial to friends and strangers alike.

The banquet on Saturday evening was, after a delightful repast, turned to the more serious (serious?) business of awarding certificates, medals and trophies but even the many jests between participants could not hide the achievements that, considering their having fought nature, mechanical failure and sometimes even personal tragedy, were very impressive.  These achievements were made even more impressive taking into account the age range from pre-school to free bus passers.

The quiet modesty shown and the determination to finish a job once started is a refreshing view of people who newspapers would have us believe no longer exist.

Thank you for all your many good works done for so many people and thank you for restoring my faith in human nature.

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