02 February, 2014

The Minutes from the January 2014 AGM

taken by Kath Bagley 

L.E.J.O.G. Association A.G.M. Held at the Toorak Hotel, Torquay January 25th. 2014.

The Chairman, Brian Dawson welcomed all those present to the 31st A.G.M. of the Association and requested that all those in attendance introduce themselves.

A) Apologies for absence: Peter Hume Spry, Carol Webb, Trevor Cole, Henry Cole, Mark Dawson.

B) Minutes of previous Meeting: These had been published in QuoVadis? Acceptance proposed by Jack Adams and seconded by Cliff Harrison; carried via a show of hands.

C) Matters arising: None.

D) Reports from Officers: All reports were circulated.

Social Secretary: This was the final report from Julie Jones who was standing down after many successful and sometimes frustrating years. Thanks were recorded.

Route Advisor: Jack Adams reported an up-turn on the last month after a slow year, and queried the continuation of this service. Don Dyer felt that it encouraged new Members and should be continued as did Chris Adam. This would be discussed at the Committee Meeting later. Thanks to Jack were recorded.

Treasurer: Jeff Chambers gave a brief outline including a problem with a Member who had booked for last year's event, and then cancelled without payment, which was borne by the Association. There was also a problem with a Member who had not cancelled a Standing order for a number of years with Lloyds Bank; this was settled without cost to the Association. Jeff mentioned that a number of merchandise items were either out of stock or depleted; again this would be discussed at the following Committee Meeting. All present voted to accept the Accounts and thanks were recorded.

Membership Secretary: Adrian Cole reported that there were 27 new members but 24 resignations for the past year, giving a current total of 180. He spoke of some of the recorded journeys for the year and modes of transport used. The 30/13 run resulted in 5 new full members. Thanks were recorded.

Magazine Editor: Geoff De 'Ath gave his final report and thanked all for the articles and mentioned the rapport with Neville, over the years, who had a similar sense of humour! Many thanks were recorded for his Editorship. [See below for full Editor's Report]

Website Officer: Colin Jones gave his report and up-dates and again thanks were recorded.

Chairman: Brian Dawson reported on the year's events and thanked Jack, Don and Geoff for all the work involved planning the 30/13 run. Anne De 'Ath was thanked for all her assistance over the years both as Minutes Secretary, and Editor's assistant. She would now be overseeing the Editors Retirement! Mention was made regarding the new Editor, Katharine, in South Africa, and Geoff would still be offering assistance to her. Brian asked that all members should try and encourage new members and thanked the committee and all members for their continued support.

E) Nominations: - New Editor Katharine Arzul voted in. - Jeff Chambers would continue for another year as Treasurer and Mike Stiff would act as his Deputy before eventually taking on the role. - Adrian Cole would continue as Membership Secretary. - A new Social Secretary was required as the Autumn Event would need planning: Geoff De 'Ath volunteered to undertake this for September. - Colin Jones would continue with the Website. - Kath Bagley would act as temporary Minutes Secretary. - All of the Officers were-voted to continue en-block.

Roy Walker, President, proposed that Brian Dawson continue as Chairman. This was accepted by all those present.

F) Other Business:

Eddie Sedgemore thanked all who had either attended Beryl's funeral or sent messages of condolence. He also mentioned the events he had planned to raise monies for Macmillan Cancer Support.

The Chairman closed the Meeting at 10.38am.

The following members were in attendance: Brian Dawson, Jeff Chambers, Jack Adams, Neville Tetley, Don Dyer, Eldon Mackridge, C.J. Hatton, Margaret Desborough, John Desborough, John Beresford, John Blanchard, Eddie Sedgemore, Ken Ascott, Ronnie Dykstra, Cliff Harrison, Roy Walker, Tony Bagley, Adrian Cole, Geoff De'Ath, Kath Bagley, Derek Bootyman, Janus Bootyman, Meriel Shotton, Michael Riley, Colin Jones, Anne De'Ath.

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