10 January, 2014

The Journey

by Don Dyer

I'm going on a journey
Destination still unknown
The whole world is coming with me
I'm not travelling alone.

We don't know what it looks like,
Is different or the same?
Will we like it better
Than the place from where we came?

We can't do too much research
To prepare for what will be.
We've done a little planning.
Is it plenty? We shall see.

We'll lose much loved companions,
As we travel on our way,
And new ones we don't know yet
Will be joining us each day.

My journey is important,
And I know that when it ends
I hope to be surrounded
By my family and friends.

I must admit it's daunting
I am filled with hope and dread.
But onwards, ever onwards,
It's the future where we head.

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