07 January, 2014

Route Advisor's Report

by Jack Adams

This has been another poor year for the route packs; it would appear that the heady days of a few years ago when we were mailing 40 to 50 packs out, are gone. This year we had only 24 customers for a total of £180. When we deduct expenses we are left with a net total of £91. I have tried to cut the weight of the packs down by using lighter sleeves for the CDs but this has been nullified by the increase in postage costs. Do we continue with route packs or call it a day? I think the cost of end-to-ending is deterring a great number of people. For motorists, it is no longer a cheap trip to fund; walkers are finding it difficult to take time away from work; so cycling is now the most popular mode. Lets hope 2014 brings a more promising year for us.

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