05 January, 2014

Editor's Report

by Geoff De'Ath
There were three issues last year – as usual they were sent out in March, July and November. They were all sizeable as the costs indicate, and the last two were novel in not having a self adhesive photo on the front cover. Indeed, apart from the cover photo on no. 80, there have been no self adhesive photos all year. Even though a certain quaint charm has been lost, it makes the editor’s job a lot easier and the colour printing by A.F.Litho is of a high standard so we have finally entered the 21st. century! I think the technical production of the magazine is good.
There haven’t been many articles by new members and had it not been for the final three parts of Vaughan Williams’ article and the two for Dave Heeley’s, there would have been considerably fewer pages.
Inertia and non participation by members continues to frustrate. To the two pieces I wrote – “What Happens Next?” and “What would you most like to see again?” in issues 81 and 82 respectively, I received one solitary reply- that’s one out of a possible 320. No comment….. I’m afraid this has been a recurring theme during my editorship of the last 15 years and I have no doubt it will not change for my successor Katharine Arzul, though I hope it does.
As to her suggestion set out on page 84 of the current issue, apart from Katharine herself, I have received a single reply – from Krister Andrén, who wishes to opt out of the proposed default mode for overseas members. This is something to be discussed in “any other business”.
This is my final report as editor and I take this opportunity, once again, of thanking all those loyal members who have supported and encouraged me over the last 15 years either by contributing articles, offering comment and advice or writing to me which has been invaluable and helped to keep me going! I wish Katharine every success and as much enjoyment and pleasure as this role has given me.

Geoff De’Ath. January 2014.

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